Excerpt: About This Book

This book is about finding happiness. By utilizing information from a book entitled The Master Key System, written by Charles Haanel, by adding in some plain old life experience and a little knowledge as a Biologic Dentist, and by being a good student of life and health, I was able to develop a system that helped me to find happiness. Like most people, I have had times in my life where I’ve felt deeply unhappy. However, where I might differ from most is that I am a perennial student. When I have a problem, of any type, I go into “Research Mode.” Research feels like action to me, and it will often replace worry, for a time. But researching “happiness” can lead you down many a path that does not necessarily end at a place called “Happy.” For example, one book I read suggested the following:  The “Happiness Formula,”  H=S+C+V.  The level of happiness that you actually experience (H) is determined by your biologic set point (S) plus the conditions of your life (C) plus voluntary activities (V) you do.  Huh? Frankly, reading that formula actually made me unhappy. I was mining for objective solutions; something I could do that would help me find happiness. I didn’t want some “Pie in the Sky” type of theory to find happiness. I wanted a real solution, an action, a step, a plan. I wanted a map.

Like you, I’d read a hundred times how one’s thinking creates a mental attitude; whether it be good or bad. And I believed this to be true. But accepting that premise only led to disappointment when I found myself unable to control my thoughts or use them to good advantage. Haanel’s book changed that for me.  His “Keys” showed me how to improve my thoughts, and unlock a higher potential for happiness. 

So, how do you turn your “thinking” into “doing” and arrive at this place called “happiness?” This book is meant to be your guide.